• Tylor Sell

    Dear Kamil Leman & Precision Prosthetics,

    I’m not really sure how to start this out other than just saying Thank You for everything! Last year was kinda big, and scary… there was a fog in the future for me, I was starting to think I’d never walk normally again… and thanks to Kamil Leman and Precision Prosthetics… I can not only walk again, but honestly… this new leg is way more awesome than my last one! Some of that fog has dissipated thanks to you guys! The atmosphere is inviting and the staff is very informative and caring. It is through their kindness and generosity that I am able to stand tall and without the crippling pain I was in prior to the amputation… even though I am technically disabled, I feel more able than I have in the last 8+ years and that is huge for me. I love Precision Prosthetics and the awesome Prosthetic they went out of their way (I didn’t quite understand how the design was made and they ordered the design I was hoping for.) to personalize for me. I’m not the best at writing and stuff so I’ll finish up with; Thank you sooo much for all you have done, for me and for others in the same shoes! Kamil Leman is an artist and Precision Prosthetics is a warm welcoming place to be. Thank you guys so much for everything!

    – Tylor J. Sell

  • Scott D.

    August 2016, I made a life altering choice to have my leg amputated. After three days in Wyoming medical and a week plus at Elkhorn Valley Rehab, Alicia my p/t was so kind to introduce me as a favor to Kamil, he was so kind, understanding and excited about working with me. When it came time to start me with a leg we weren’t sure if funding was available. I filled out for Limbs For Life and waited, Kamil was looking at helping me get a leg one way or another. Last week of April I got the news Limbs for Life approved the payment for me. A week later went in and I got fitted and a socket made, Friday I was told come in and get my new leg, I put it on and walked out, only five months after my amputation. The love, support, encouragement was overwhelming, from everyone there, plus Choko the puppy girl always calmed me and greeted me with such love and sweetness. You all gave me my life back and I look forward to new adventures that I couldn’t do with your support. 😊

    Scott D.












  • James M.

    Kamil has put me back together and got me back on my feet three times now after my surgeries. When I first meet Kamil he told me he is a problem solver and not a problem causer. That statement should be on his business cards as that’s what he does is solve the problem. He gives me hope when I am in need of it the most, he says We’ll figure it out and get you walking again. Trust me go see Kamil and his staff.


    I really appreciate the staff they are so friendly and helpful they always have a smile. If I am ever needing to come to the office early for appointments they are so accommodating since I live out of town. Kamil is a wonderful person he listens to what I have to say and helps with any concerns that I may have in regards to my prosthetic. I enjoy coming into the office and seeing Choko….

    -D. Kitchin






  • T. Stephenson

    My name is Thor Stephenson Jr. and I had an emergency amputation of my left leg above the knee in November of 2013 due to an accidental shooting while pheasant hunting. My initial socket that was done elsewhere was not satisfactory and hard to use. I was referred to Precision Prosthetics and Orthotics by another gentleman that had a similar situation happen to him where he was unable to use his prosthetic as well. I went to see Kamil and on my first visit I knew that this was my home and that Kamil would be able to build a great leg for me that I could use for years to come. I now have the ability to do so many things that I could do before my amputation, I never knew that I could do all of this and beyond with a prosthetic leg.

    This fall I was able to go hunting and harvest a mule deer. Thank you so much Kamil, Kami and Tanya at Precision Prosthetics and Orthotics.

  • Denver Broncos Orthosis

    IMG_0091-530x600Pictured, left: Will S. wearing a custom made “Denver Broncos” Range-of-Motion elbow orthosis.

    “When our son broke his arm/elbow, we needed a brace after his cast came off and during his rehabilitation. We were referred to Kamil to make the brace, as no one had a brace that would fit his arm. Kamil made the brace and gave William his choice of color, so he customized the Denver Broncos for our son. The brace was done quickly, was lightweight, and it was easy for our son to manage independently. His movement was restricted as needed, but the brace was easily adjusted when necessary. Kamil and his staff were very friendly, and we would gladly recommend them.”
    -Matt & Dawn S., Casper, WY






  • Senator John Barrasso Sends His Appreciation

    “Dear Kamil,

    Congratulations on the success of Healing Hands for Haiti and your role in providing much needed prosthetic and orthotic devices. What a wonderful demonstration of the generosity of our community.

    Wyoming is a state built upon helping others. Your kindness in reaching out following the natural disaster in Haiti is to be commended. Your commitments to our global community is making Wyoming and the world a better place to live, work and raise a family.

    Bobbi joins me in sending our appreciation and best wishes.

    With warm regards,
    John Barrasso, M.D.
    United States Senator”

  • I would highly recommend these people!

    Clay A“I had a leg before I saw Kamil that had no movement in the knee and was too short. It was very painful to wear. I knew that something had to be done, but I didn’t know where to start. I called Kamil’s office, and they were so nice and helpful. They made you feel at home. Now, I have knee movement, and my leg is at the right length. It doesn’t hurt like before. I would highly recommend these people.”
    Clay A., Casper, WY






  • I can walk straight and tall with no leg pain!

    “While suffering through four years wearing a prosthetic leg that was never right, I developed a bent-over, shuffle walk.  Now, with a Precision Prosthetics leg, I can walk straight and tall with no leg pain. Kamil and staff are truly professionals who care that all is perfect for their patient.”  Art H., Gillette, WY


    Daniel-Cooper“I have always enjoyed outdoor sports: hiking, bicycling, motocycling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing.  When I became a below the knee amputee last year, I wondered if I would be able t continue all my sports activities.
    Now, 16 months after amputation, I can do everything as well as I did before the amputation.  The most important thing about a prosthesis is proper fit.  Kamil takes the time to observe carefully, and listen to me, and keep at it until it is right.  Being an amputee is considerably easier than I had expected.
    The only thing I could not do with a prosthesis was to drive my manual-transmission car.  It was pretty hard to push the clutch all the way down with my big foot, and even harder with a prosthesis.  Kamil made me a special driving foot.  Now it is easier to drive the car than it was before.
    Two years ago I started teaching cross-country skiing.  I saw that most instructors have a competitive background, and their techniques are intimidating to many beginners.  I have always been interested in sports for fun, not for competition.  The people I taught appreciated my ability to tailor the lessons to their level.
    Last winter I continued teaching skiing, both privately and with the Nordic Ski Club.  Doing it on a prosthesis didn’t make it any harder.  Some people might think ‘If he can do it on one leg I could probably learn to do it’.
    Cross-country skiing is a very accessible sport.  I enjoy the quiet and the closeness to natural beauty.  It can be done at any level from easy to very strenuous.  Casper has a truly excellent cross-country ski center.  If you would like to try cross-country skiing, or if you are concerned that it might be hard to do with a prosthesis or orthosis, please call me at 307-251-3741.”
    Daniel C., Casper WY

  • Senator Mike Enzi’s Visit to Precision Prosthetics & Orthotics

    Mike Enzi“Dear Kamil:

    I wanted to thank you and Vince for taking time out of your day to provide us a tour and briefing of Precision Prosthetics and Orthotics during my recent visit to Casper.

    As Ranking Member of the HELP Committee, I work on a wide range of legislative issues concerning healthcare.  It is helpful to tour facilities in Wyoming and talk to those who are in the trenches providing vital healthcare services in their communities.  That information is very helpful to me when drafting healthcare legislation.

    I appreciated having a first-hand look at your business and getting a better understanding of how artificial limbs are made and fitted.  You should be very proud of the service you are providing to our state, as well as the work you are doing in Haiti….

    Thank you again, Kamil.  Diana joins in sending our best wishes to you and continued success.

    Michael B. Enzi, United States Senator

    PS:  As I mentioned, we don’t know the complexities of other people’s jobs unless we see it firsthand – and even then, I know it is just an overview.  Wow!  Thanks for what you do.”

    Enzi Tours Precision Prosthetics and Orthotics

  • You really made my life better

    “I have a partial amputation of the right foot which, for many years, has made it difficult to do many of the things I love to do. Hiking, climbing and working outdoors are just some of the things I love to do but had a hard time. Then I met Kamil Leman through my sister, Tobi, entering me in Precision Prosthetics & Orthotics anniversary contest. Thanks to his generous donation, I’m confident I will be able to have the best summer ever! The prosthetic he made for me is a perfect fit, allowing me to walk and run with ease. Thank you Kamil and the staff of Precision Prosthetics and Orthotics for your time, prosthetic donation and caring attitude. You really made my life better and more enjoyable.”  Codi W., Drawing Winner

  • The fit is terrific

    “I was walking on the evening of November 18, 2009, when the foot on my prosthetic leg broke and I could not get around. We called Precision Prosthetics & Orthotics at about 4:50 PM and Kamil told my sister-in-law to bring me out and he would take a look and see what he could do. After less than an hour he had fixed me up with another foot on my socket and then started making a new socket for me. I am on Medicare and have no means of paying for a new leg but he helped me anyway.
    The socket was better than any that I have ever had. This is my fourth leg in four years. I wore the socket for several days to check any rub spots and make sure it fit. The fit is terrific and I am so happy with the care that I received. He even customized the socket for me! (with an Elvis design)”  Christine K., Illinois

  • No one believes I have prosthetic legs, I walk so well

    IMG_0027“Kamil first made shoes for my ulcerated feet in October of 2007. At that time we were staying in Masterson Place and did not have a vehicle, so Kamil drove over to see us and brought the shoes back and forth. After I lost my legs, Kamil made me the best prostheses I have ever seen. They are so comfortable. Now no one believes I have prosthetic legs, I walk so well.
    Kamil has a good staff at the office—even the dog greets you when you come in! Anyone who wants to see my prostheses, I would be glad to show you. I would recommend Kamil to anyone.”
    Robert R., Casper, WY






  • I accepted that I would forever live in pain

    “In meeting Kamil Leman, I met my new found independence. When I lost my legs, I lost my independence for a while. I had to learn how to live again. This meant not only learning how to walk, but learning how to do every day tasks like caring for my children as best I could at the time. Simple tasks such as making my bed and feeding the cats became frustrating, time consuming events.

    I expected the pain at first, and over time learned to push through it as it riddled my life. After two years, and two pairs of legs, I accepted that I would forever live in pain. Then I met Kamil. I was skeptical at first, but when I got the new liners and the new legs that he made for me, I realized for the first time that I didn’t have to live in pain.

    One year later and I am living almost pain free. Kamil gave me the opportunity to live my life to the fullest. I am now riding horses again, climbing rock walls, and taking 8 mile bike rides! I can almost keep up with my kids (who really can keep up with their kids?), and they have their mother back, happier and healthier than I ever thought I could be again. Thank you, Kamil, from the bottom of my heart.” Susanna N.

  • Fits like a surgeon’s rubber glove from sun up to sun down

    CIMG0098 (270x360)“After 37 years of wearing a below the knee prosthesis, I finally have one that I can walk more than a block without getting a blister or a leg cramp; it fits like a surgeon’s rubber glove from sun up to sun down. I have had numerous prostheses made in many different places in the US of A and none can compete with the one I have now, which was made by Mr. Kamil Leman, CP, of Precision Prosthetics & Orthotics of Casper, Wyoming. It is equipped with the new Harmony E-pulse pump which has an internal movement sensor. It allows the Harmony E-pulse to automatically recognize resting phases and switch itself to the energy saving Low Power mode. In the Low Power mode, the vacuum level will slowly be reduced to a lower level. Any incipient movement or any button pushed will cause the system to automatically reactivate to the user level, which means it will fit like a surgeon’s rubber glove all day long. My legs were made for walking and thanks to Mr. Kamil Leman, CP, I CAN!”
    Walter C. Casper, WY





  • “Welcome and relaxed”

    DenverC-legcourse007“I have been going to Kamil Leman for about 4 years now. I am an above the knee amputee, and Kamil has made such a difference in my progress. He is aware of all my needs and is very open to any suggestions or opinions I have. The staff at Precision Prosthetics & Orthotics is very kind and makes me feel welcome and relaxed every time. I would highly recommend Kamil at Precision Prosthetics & Orthotics to anyone for their prosthetic or orthotic needs.”
    Treva H. Casper, WY