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August 2016, I made a life altering choice to have my leg amputated. After three days in Wyoming medical and a week plus at Elkhorn Valley Rehab, Alicia my p/t was so kind to introduce me as a favor to Kamil, he was so kind, understanding and excited about working with me. When it came time to start me with a leg we weren’t sure if funding was available. I filled out for Limbs For Life and waited, Kamil was looking at helping me get a leg one way or another. Last week of April I got the news Limbs for Life approved the payment for me. A week later went in and I got fitted and a socket made, Friday I was told come in and get my new leg, I put it on and walked out, only five months after my amputation. The love, support, encouragement was overwhelming, from everyone there, plus Choko the puppy girl always calmed me and greeted me with such love and sweetness. You all gave me my life back and I look forward to new adventures that I couldn’t do with your support. 😊

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