Upper Limb Prosthetics:

We handle shoulder disarticulations, above elbow and elbow disarticulations, below elbow and wrist disarticulations, and partial or whole finger disarticulations.  We offer the Otto Bock Power Elbow and Utah arm technology, which allows the wearer to operate both the hand and the elbow at the same time.

We also offer cosmetic finishings, which can be used to cover the prosthesis or be made into the hand, arm, or finger prosthesis. Each of the upper limb prostheses we offer is available with an endoskeletal (with soft cover) or an exoskeletal (hard shell finish) design.

The new feature is the i-limb quantum offer. This prosthetic is available to patients missing one to all five digits on the hand. Each digit on the i-limb quantum has its own motor and is individually articulating. This hand has 36 grip options available. These grip options are controlled by simple gestures, muscle movement, proximity; using “Grip Chips,” as well as an app that can be installed on any smart device. This hand is now available in three different sizes and many different silicone covering options.


Lower Limb Prosthetics:

We handle hemi-pelvectomies, hip disarticulations, above the knee and knee disarticulations, below the knee disarticulations, and Symes amputations. We offer the latest in MAS socket design, which is by far the most innovative and comfortable socket available.

We can provide the Microprocessor C-Leg Knee system, which delivers the best in reliability and stability, and the Rheo Microprocessor Knee Unit.  The first knee unit to utilize artificial intelligence, the Rheo Knee learns how you walk and adapts to any situation.

We have been working with the Harmony E-Pulse Vacuum Suspension, which gives you all the benefits of secure vacuum suspension in a low-profile, quiet package that controls volumetric control.

Our partial foot and ankle prostheses are made from silicone and other materials. We offer the Proprio Foot Microprocessor Ankle Unit, function as close as you can get to the human foot, and the PerfectStride II Foot System, which allows you to walk and run more efficiently. We also use Freedom Innovation products when choosing a foot.

We offer running prostheses and other specialized sport prostheses as well, so that you can get back to your active lifestyle.

We offer cosmetic and skin finishings, both with or without the hair ‘look’. Again, these can be used to either cover the prosthesis or be made into the leg or foot prosthesis. Each of the lower limb prostheses we offer is available with an endoskeletal (with soft cover) or exoskeletal (hard shell finish) design.
We also offer immediate post-operative rigid casts and prostheses.

We also can provide the BiOM® Ankle System, which is the only ankle-foot device that will enable patients to achieve a normalized biomimetic response across all level-ground walking speeds. Kamil Leman of Precision Prosthetics & Orthotics is currently the only certified practitioner in the state of Wyoming for this type of prosthesis.