IMG_0091Pictured, left: Will S. wearing a custom made “Denver Broncos” Range-of-Motion elbow orthosis. Such braces are commonly utilized by gymnasts and other athletes.

We offer a full range of knee braces, knee sleeves and soft braces made out of Neoprene, and sports braces. To help you recover from, and protect against, knee injuries we can provide ligament knee braces.

If you suffer from Osteoarthritis, we can provide the Unloader and the Unloader One. These braces provide the pain relief that will delay surgical intervention. In addition, we can provide the Townsend Design Reliever Series, which is designed to realign the leg and redistribute weight.

We have any type of orthotics you might need, be it an ankle-foot orthotic, knee-ankle-foot orthotic, or hip-knee-ankle-foot orthotic. The Sensor Walk Electronic Stance KAFO has unique sensors that deliver superb stance control in a custom KAFO.

We provide orthopedic and custom molded shoes from Propet and Aetrex.

We provide compression supports and stockings, diabetic inserts and foot orthotics, cervical traction and collars, elbow, hand, wrist, or finger supports.

We work with Spinal Technology to provide custom made spine orthotics, and Boston Brace for medical and sports bracing. We can do soft and rigid back braces, LSOs and TLSOs, and work with OPTEC Products to get custom spinal orthotics.